Saturday, January 15, 2011

Newegg Mobile application for Android by Newegg

Newegg, the California-based online retailer of all things electronic (and by far one of my favorite tech shopping sites), has announced today the release of their Newegg Mobile Application. Newegg mobile is pretty full-featured for a 1.0 release, including account support, wish lists, quickly view daily deals, shell-shocker deal of the day, and the ability search for whatever awesome product you may be looking for using text entry.
The Newegg Mobile application also features a barcode scanner so you can easily see if the gadget you’re drooling over at Target or Best Buy can be found for cheaper on Newegg’s site. If it is in fact cheaper on Newegg, Newegg Mobile supports full in-app purchases so you can buy whatever you want from wherever you are.
Since Newegg Mobile is a 1.0 release, Newegg is looking for your input as to how they can best improve their application in future releases. If you decide to download the app, be sure to give them any feedback on their Facebook page.
Newegg Mobile is now available for free on the Android market and supports all flavors of Android.
UPDATE - An early preview version of Newegg Mobile was made available on 12/24, though Newegg has waited until today to annouce the application on their Facebook page, suggesting it may now be ready for primetime. (Thanks, Lament!)

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