Saturday, January 15, 2011

CircleLauncher another Launcher if you havn’t Seen!


CircleLauncher, is one of the Launchers available for Android. I myself love to use this Launcher.

The app allows you to attach up to 9 (recommended) of your favorite apps or contacts and display them in a beautiful, yet functional manner.  You have color options, layout options, label options and we’re guessing this is only the beginning.  CircleLauncher has only been out for 3 days, but it looks like it’s had 6 months worth of polishing.  I went with the circle layout, but there are horizontal and vertical styles that look just as spectacular.  For those of us loving a minimalist homescreen, this surely helps.

I should probably add a note about this being a widget and not a “launcher.”  We wouldn’t want the LauncherPro and ADW fanatics getting all hot and bothered, would we?

There is a lite version, but the full version will only set you back about $1.20.


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