Thursday, December 30, 2010

Make your Android like a Gameboy or an iPhone. Strangest DIY project of 2010.

Well here is one for the books when talking about DIY projects people do. While there hasn't been a whole lot of DIY projects in the Android world when regarding the modding of the actual device, we have seen a few like the ripping of keys out of your keyboard to basically make a D-Pad. This one takes the cake though.

Someone going by the name Goteking has decided to take his Android phone, shove it into the gutted out remains of a Gameboy and for whatever reason, slap a fake iPhone 4 cover on the other side. The iPhone 4 cover has what appears to be an LED display that has a light shining through it displaying messages.

While being incredible bulky and looking like a cellphone from the early 1990s in size, the concept is actually pretty cool. Minus the useless iPhone 4 cover that displays LED messages, the whole Gameboy cover is actually pretty sweet, especially since the screen has been removed so you can see the time/date/weather there instead.

Perhaps we can all do this with a PSP and make ourselves our own Playstation phone... alright maybe not. Throw a Gameboy emulator in this and you've got yourself an almost working Gameboy phone though! Try carrying it in your pocket. Check out the video below.



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