Thursday, December 30, 2010

Epic 4G 2.2 Delayed, You got it Right

Sprint seemed to have every intention of delivering FroYo Boxing Day. It came and it went, nothing happened. Now Sprint is addressing it to their employees:

With the closest thing to an ETA is “near future”, it’s probably time to look to the third party community for any updates from this moment on.

I’d like to play Devil’s Advocate for a moment, if I may. Samsung isn’t entirely to blame for the American release of FroYo on their Galaxy S line, or lack thereof. They provided 2.2 to almost every non-American version of their flagship phone leaving the American versions in the cold. Rather than accepting the Galaxy S for the Galaxy S, American carriers had to take on the role of prima donna and make their phone “special”; and by ‘special’ I mean morphing it into something that shouldn’t be allowed to bear the Galaxy S moniker.

I would bet my bottom dollar that if the American carriers simply launched the Galaxy S as is (a great phone), everyone would have FroYo and the world would keep spinnin’. Voice your irritation to the carriers.

And to be honest, with the successor to the Galaxy S possibly heading to MWC, time is running out for the American variants. If Samsung plans the same world wide launch of this rumored device, they would be smart to tell every carrier that is interested: “Take it as is, or don’t take it at all”.


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