Saturday, January 8, 2011

NVIDIA’s TegraZone App let’s you to find Tegra2 Optimized games


Following the string of Tegra 2 device announcements from the industry’s top manufacturers, NVIDIA’s announcing TegraZone – a game store for Android that will feature the best games optimized for the dual-core processor. It isn’t unlike any other app store you’d find, including OpenFeint’s – social networking integration, trailers, and more will be downloadable alongside games.

Developers who create games that require as much juice as Tegra 2 provides will be pleased knowing they won’t have to compete with crapware in the Android market, and they also won’t be held back by silly file size limitations.

We’re hearing there’ll be anywhere from 5 to 10 titles at launch, with more obviously in the pipeline, though no solid release date was given. “Coming Soon” is all they could give anyone, so let’s hope their version of soon doesn’t stretch far beyond Q1.


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