Thursday, January 6, 2011

FlexT9 Keyboard - Review


The Developer Says: “FlexT9 powered by Dragon is a four-in-one keyboard experience that puts you in the driver’s seat for communicating how you want – when you want. And only FlexT9 gives you the power to seamlessly switch between the Speak. Trace. Write. Tap. input modes as easily as it is to flip on a light switch!”

What We Liked:

  • Dragon voice recognition lives up to its reputation, easily besting Google’s voice recognition accuracy.
  • As a tracing keyboard, FlexT9 is every bit as good as Swype (better at telling the difference between “in” and “on”), with a better UI for suggested words. flext9-voice-180x300
  • Copious documentation is available online.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • FlexT9 has a very specific look that might not appeal to everyone; one or two color scheme options would go a long way.
  • Though the Write input, where you draw letters to input text, does work surprisingly well, it seems more a gimmick than a viable way to type.
  • Not much documentation is available in the app.
  • The name is a bit confusing: T9 input is not an option at all.

Works Best On: Android 2.1+. Currently, it's only available in U.S. English and to U.S. users. For this review, it was tested on a Nexus One.

Is It Worth It? At $4.99, it’s steep, and it’s the kind of app you won’t be able to fully evaluate in fifteen minutes--but the good news is that Nuance has committed to honoring refund requests for 24 hours after purchase.* And for me, it’s worth the money. It’s quickly become my everyday keyboard and I expect to use voice input much more than previously.

The Bottom Line: Nuance clearly has reaped the benefits of acquiring Shapewriter, and the combination of great tracing and great voice recognition is powerful. Despite a few minor quibbles, FlexT9 is a great new keyboard option for Android.

Download FlexT9 via AppBrain.



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